New Empowr Scam? The Power User Feature


Empowr is a growing social network that provides their users with the opportunity of earning money. Sometimes we take things for granted, especially if we have such “things” already. This goes true with being an Empowr power save.Unfortunately because of this, some people may view this as a new Empowr scam, but the truth is that being a Power User does not equate to automatic increased earnings.


The badge is a “power” given to the user. It only starts to roll and generate increased earning benefits when the user activates it through the various earning activities on the site.

With the Power User badge, one can maximize its use by doing these activities daily: (1) post blogs, photos and videos (2) create ads (3) administer Communities (4) sell products and services (5) Boost (6) teach and coach others.

With the 24-hour window to earn from posts, participating in all the activities on a daily basis is recommended so that more income can be earned for Power Users. This is because of obvious reasons that they shine above the rest.

Some additional advantages of being a Power User include:

  1. The advance access of Power Users to new products in the site gives them the edge of earning ahead of time and an earlier start-off compared to regular Empowr users.
  2. Power Users are automatically assigned fans. This means that their site exposure keeps on increasing and this is good news because it spells higher income.
  3. Power Users have access to higher IPL credit limits and faster IPL limit increases.

Empowr continuously innovates programs to further accelerate the income potential of its Power Users. When people do not understand these changes and updates, they let their minds jump to those changes being a part of a new Empowr scam. By taking the time to learn how everything works though, Empowr users can maximize these features to their own personal earning advantage.


Does Empowr Really Pay?


If you are one of the millions of people around the world desperately looking for opportunities to earn and have a better life, Empowr has established a platform that allows anyone to earn money doing the things they do for fun online, such as posting photos, blogs, videos – and much, much more.

To learn how you can save money on Empowr, simply follow along.

We all have our own passions. Whether we admit it or not, there are activities that we prefer to do over others. You have that opportunity to do what you love to do most on Empowr.

Is it your habit to take “selfie” pictures and post them in your favorite social networking sites? By posting your favorite photos in your Empowr profile page daily, you will be amazed with the earnings that these photos will generate for you.

Are you a creative writer? Or have you been wanting to share your life’s experiences but don’t know where to share it? Write articles about yourself or about any topic and earn from it on Empowr.

How about the remarkable videos that you have recorded yourself or your favorite downloaded videos? Post daily and earn from it!

Did you know that selling is made easy at Empowr as well? From fashionable earrings to diamonds, premium blogs and e-books, services and smartphones, you can literally sell almost anything in the Empowr marketplace.

The influence of advertising to consumers has been proven very effective. That’s why companies spend millions of dollars to make sure they get that “name recall”. If you have the gift of creativity, create ads for your own blog posts or for the blog posts of others as well as for products and services. Through ads, you can earn up to 30% commission on products and services to as high as 90% profit share on blogs when people view them through your ads.

Not only can you create those ads, but you can also fund your own ads and even other people’s ads by using ad credits for free, and then earning from those ads.

If giving advice and helping others is next to your skin, you can teach and coach others on Empowr to be successful, and earn from your clients for life.

Are you a member of any group or organization? Or do you simply want to be a part of a community who share the same beliefs, cause or charity? Or how about initiating a fan community? Collaborate, share and profit with other Empowr users through this social tool – Communities.

Are you excited now to accelerate your earnings as fast as possible?

Empowr prides itself on providing as many earning opportunities to their members, which can be enjoyed doing anytime and anywhere. If you did not know how to earn on Empowr before, I hope you now have a much better idea, and will join me in this great opportunity to create an amazing life for yourselves and everyone else around you.

Is Earning Money on Empowr For Real?


Earning money on Empowr is something that seems surprisingly simple to do, but since it is an entirely new concept, it is easy to question whether it is real or too good to be true. There are no other Empowr that actually pay you just for using the website like empowr does, and the fact that there is a complete e-commerce marketplace that allows you to spend the money you make almost immediately makes it extremely tempting to use.

So how exactly can you earn money on empowr, and is that money for real?

Bringing in revenue through empowr can be achieved by continuing to do things that you already do every single day, such as posting photos and videos through the empowr smartphone app, as well as creating blog posts and garnering views from other members.

By posting images in the mobile app that catch the eye of viewers and create interaction, you can earn money. Everything that you post has the capability to earn money based on the amount of views it gets within the first 24 hours.

The empowr marketplace is another fantastic resource for earning money. It allows you to buy and sell items, without the hassle of large fees that competitors such as eBay impose on vendors. This allows you to maximize the money that you earn. The great thing about it also is that the more you buy and sell from others, the more you can earn from posting your photos, videos and blog posts as well.

In addition to the ability to earn from posting and buying and selling in the marketplace, Empowr has devised a system that allows all users to create and fund ads for themselves and other members without paying any money upfront. With the use of ad credits, members can gain attention the things that themselves and other people are selling and posting, and then actually earn money anytime that someone clicks on those ads to buy or view the content. So you can effectively earn on empowr through posting, selling and sharing.

Every single day that you earn, you are able to use that money to shop with in the empowr marketplace, and the amount of products and services to purchase are growing daily.

If you want to use that money to instead save and cash out to use outside of empowr, then you can do that, but there is a 90 day maturity period in place to ensure that no one can easily commit fraud against the community. Because of this maturity period, some people that are not familiar with how empowr works are frustrated and do not feel like it is for real. With a little bit of education on how things work though, the truth is easy to see as empowr has a long track record of treating their members fairly.

For anyone that is still wondering whether earning money on empowr is for real or not, the easiest suggestion I can give to them is to just sign up and try it out for themselves. Membership is invitation only, but free as long as you are able to get one.

Does Empowr Really Help Photographers Earn Money?


The social networking platform, Empowr, provides opportunities for everyone to network and earn money doing the things that they are already doing online. One instance of this is through how the Empowr platform provides photographers a place that they can network, show the world their photos, and potentially even earn money in the process. Does Empowr really help photographers earn money, or is it a waste of time?

Back in the 80’s or maybe even earlier, only professional photographers were earning from taking photos. Developing photos then required a dark room and some hands-on steps that only artistic and “patient” people would wait for it to dry and become hardcopy pictures. It used to take hours or even a couple of days before one was able to actually see how they looked in pictures.

Fast forward to today, and even babies know how to handle a camera. Digital cameras are sometimes called idiot cameras because you don’t need brains to use it. Technology has invented easy-to-use cameras that anyone can actually do a photo-shoot like a pro!

However, we cannot compete with a professional photographer in terms of talent and artistry. We may have the same subject, but it there is an art that professional photographers approach and do their craft compared to a non-professional photographer. It’s like magic but there is a certain class in the photos that they take.

For people who love photography, Empowr is a great avenue to show off your pictures, for both professionals and novices. The Empowr user’s newsfeeds are flooded with photos every second, where users from all over the globe like and comment on their favorites. The more compelling the photo, the more people will view them, and the better the earnings can be for the photographer.

It is so easy to earn with photos because your friends and fans just have to view it from their homepage feed. This is within 24 hours from the time a photo is uploaded and posted in your profile.

I said, professional photographers earn more, right? I simply meant, you could be a “pro” by not posting photos which you did not take or shoot yourself. There are so many pictures around that viewers see everyday. Anyone can distinguish whether these are original or just downloaded from somewhere else.

Take with you your camera or your phone with the mobile app anywhere you go, take pictures of anything that catches your attention and interest, upload it in your profile page and let others enjoy the views while you earn.

This is one of the best features ever introduced in Empowr because there are people who just love photography and they do it only for the fun of it. Here, they have fun and earn money as well.